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WeFeel is a humanist project linked to the area of personal development Our aim is happiness, inner well-being, emotional expression and self knowledge. We promote and develop all kinds of activities that lead us to a more authentic life with others and ourselves. WeFeel as the name says, is a project that follows and stimulates everyone that follows the heart, that want to be in peace within, updated with their emotions. When we rescue the best we have inside, when we achieve this source of unconditional Love that exists in each one of us, we can then respect others and take this Love to the World.


WeFeel é um projecto humanista ligada à área do desenvolvimento pessoal O nosso maior objectivo é a felicidade, bem estar interior, expressão de emoções e auto conhecimento. Promovemos e desenvolvemos todo o tipo de actividades que levem cada um ao reencontro de si próprios para que vivam uma vida mais autentica consigo e com os outros. WeFeel como o nome diz em inglês, NósSentimos, é um projecto que segue e incentiva a todos os que seguem o coração, que querem estar em paz com o seu interior, em dia com as suas emoções. Quando resgatado o que temos de melhor dentro de nós, quando acedemos a essa fonte de Amor incondicional que existe em cada um de nós, podemos então respeitar os outros e levar esse Amor ao Mundo.

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SIC - Boa Tarde

quarta-feira, 13 de abril de 2011

Some days

Some days i wake up and i feel life is stupid and painful .. some others i feel life is just awesome and beautiful .. so i started to wonder why ....? 

the moments or days life is painful and stupid are those days i give my power to others and allow them to disrespect me, are those days that i am not being tolerant and lovable to myself and my flaws, am not accepting that i am not perfect or able to do what my ego insists on being or having,  am afraid to say what i feel and believe because i am still afraid to loose something or someone and therefore i am lying to myself, are those days when we see those we love make a fool out of themselves and not being the beautiful people we wish they were, when we insist on projecting on others all the garbage we carry inside instead of dealing with it alone or with someone's help.  Life is stupid when we forget we are all the same, living identical dramas, needing the same things.. life is stupid when we don't accept Life has it's own laws and God knows better.  Life is stupid when we forget we are fragile and sensitive human beings protecting ourselves behind violent and tough masks forcing others to deal with them and get hurt by them.  Life is stupid when personality becomes more important than our Soul, when we still believe mom's, dad's, religion's holy books or simply our selfish minds more than we believe our heart.  When we have no idea of who we are until we let go of attachments wheather they are to family, ideas, culture or whatever ...life is hell when those bad feelings of anger, judgment, fear, aggressiveness, criticism and illusionary superiority  take over us and we just make people's live's around us a living hell too. Life is stupid when we forget we all carry those feelings inside and therefore we are responsible to stop them any moment.  Life is stupid when we waste time criticizing  others instead of loving them, when we believe and say one thing and act opposite. Life is stupid when we forget or even don't know who we are, or what are we doing here ...

The days life is awesome and beautiful are the days we are in touch with our soul, feelings of love and intuition of a higher dimension.  Life is beautiful when we see that everything has a reason to happen and that God is taking care of us.  Life is beautiful when we remember we are here to express love and we have all the power to do that anytime not depending on anyone.  Life is beautiful and awesome when i see someone opening their heart and show the best feelings of love a human being is capable of... when we remember we are here to be better than we were and not better than others... when we remember that being right means nothing and being happy means everything.  Life is beautiful when we see it through soul's eyes and therefore everyone is just the same. Life is awesome and beautiful and we use the most important of God's tools; our choice to act out of love.  Life is beautiful when we realize we don't need or depend on anyone to be whatever and we already found we are responsible for ourselves only as others have their own story and owe nothing to us or us to them.  Life is beautiful because even if those we love disappoint us, abandon or rejects us, that doesn't mean they are bad, means they are lost and asleep ... we just have to wait until they wake up and find themselves .. coz they will someday ... Life is awesome when we surrender to what we cannot change and we just focus on being the best example of what a human being can be... Life is beautiful and awesome when Love expression is a priority and we have no problem saying simple things like; I need you, I love you and I am sorry, thank you. Life is beautiful when we stop pretending being what others expect us to be and we dare to be ourselves

Life is a duality .. there will never be just stupid and painful days the same way there will never be just awesome and beautiful ones .. the goal is to be in peace with both.. and that is the biggest challenge of all..

Vera Luz

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