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WeFeel is a humanist project linked to the area of personal development Our aim is happiness, inner well-being, emotional expression and self knowledge. We promote and develop all kinds of activities that lead us to a more authentic life with others and ourselves. WeFeel as the name says, is a project that follows and stimulates everyone that follows the heart, that want to be in peace within, updated with their emotions. When we rescue the best we have inside, when we achieve this source of unconditional Love that exists in each one of us, we can then respect others and take this Love to the World.


WeFeel é um projecto humanista ligada à área do desenvolvimento pessoal O nosso maior objectivo é a felicidade, bem estar interior, expressão de emoções e auto conhecimento. Promovemos e desenvolvemos todo o tipo de actividades que levem cada um ao reencontro de si próprios para que vivam uma vida mais autentica consigo e com os outros. WeFeel como o nome diz em inglês, NósSentimos, é um projecto que segue e incentiva a todos os que seguem o coração, que querem estar em paz com o seu interior, em dia com as suas emoções. Quando resgatado o que temos de melhor dentro de nós, quando acedemos a essa fonte de Amor incondicional que existe em cada um de nós, podemos então respeitar os outros e levar esse Amor ao Mundo.

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sábado, 16 de abril de 2011

From Drama to Dharma

 From Drama to Dharma * Spiritual journey across the Moroccan Desert and India * How astrology, past Life regression and meditation can help us find our path

Synopse -
Spiritual biography, about the search for the meaning of life, our place in the world, others role’s in our lives and happiness.
This is a unique book in the world. There is no other story like this.
Because every story is different.
Different, but so identical on an emotional, psychological and spiritual level, that I believe so many will see themselves in it.
Loneliness, rejection, fear, anger, passion, love. These and so many more emotions are all familiar to all of us and dealing with them and accepting them is what’s life is all about. I hope my spiritual vision will inspire my readers on how to handle them the best way..
Astrology, Meditation and Past Life Regression helped me to put all this puzzle together, which is still not yet complete but so much easier now to see how everything I went through, the best and worst moments, were only taking me closer to my essence, my freedom and my happiness.
To understand the logic behind lives events, we have to broaden our horizons, step outside comfort zones, so that everything we attract makes sense.
Today I know we are all walking towards the same destination, only using different roads.
I hope this story will inspire you to find your own spiritual path, to know more about yourself, so that you can make better choices on how to live a happier life.
Only when we are conscient that we responsible for what we attract we are then able to chose how we want to respond to life.
That is our way from Karma to Dharma.

Index From Drama to Dharma:
- Title – 1
- Sikh prayer, Mool mantra –
- Introductory note -
- Dedication -
- Preface by Ana Margarida Forte -
- Introduction –
- The spiritual path’s challenge –
- Astrology says who we are –
- Others as our mirrors –
- Leaving comfort zone –
- Uranus, the 40’s madness–
- When the past knocks on our door –
- Life’s tests –
- ISara is going to India! –
- The reunion after centuries –
- A lifetime trip –
- Delhi – Lisbon, a crossroad –
- Why is everything so difficult? –
- When Planets move, everything changes! ... –
- Doing the right thing –
- Looking for balance –
- Acceptance, surrender, Faith, Gratitude! –
- A wish -

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